Mekhala Store, presented by MODESTORE, is a digital retail platform for authentic international brands of fashion and lifestyle offered at fair prices.

Our Business Explained (Overview)

Established in early 2020, Mekhala Store is a digital retail shopping site aimed at quenching the thirst of millennials with fashion and lifestyle items they always wanted to get their hands on

Our consumers in Indochina are now conscious of trends that originate in the US, Europe, the far east, and other parts of SE Asia. They wish to acquire globally acclaimed first-world brands to join their peers in countries afar. We act on behalf of these rising upper middle class consumers and above by creating conduits to really hip and tasteful apparel and life enriching brands. Mekhala Store knows how to secure for you authentic, tasteful and most up to date fashion items, lifestyle brands and the rest from places like New York, Paris, London, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo. Everything we provide are 100% genuine original products. Our supply chain team are pretty ingenious and adept at what they do, so we acquire only the genuine items and offer them at sincere prices. Only with customers’ confidence and peace of mind do we have a sustainable business. We serve customers with sincerity so we build trust and interdependence.

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What makes us unique?

People land in our Mekhala Store to have fun and fulfill their wants. Shopping is a joy. Shopping is a sheer pleasure. What you buy, you first buy and try it for yourself. Why? That’s ‘cos you wanta look the best you can, with the items still brand new to your kinda people. You’re chill once done Mekhala.

Let Mekhala Store pamper your wants, not just the needs, so you can trade up one rank in the way you look and feel.

After care

Relax. We keep life simple and hassle free for you and, in case you have claims or issues, our friendly customer service will deal with your concerns straight away. We are based in Phnom Penh, so it’s not like speaking to someone from another country far away. We will deal with your concerns quickly and in a friendly manner. We provide first world service, with personal attention to each transaction as if the matter were of our own. Our nice and easy return policy helps you make your buying a lot more worry free.

Purpose of our business and the Mission we live by

Using our network of like minded people in the business of apparel, lifestyle and marketing, who are based in cities across 4 continents, we can access the latest trend as well as expand sourcing and logistic capabilities to bring amazing brands straight to your doorsteps.

Vision - how we want ourselves to be known by our clientele

When people in Indochina think of real authentic fashion & lifestyle brands, they always land in Mekhala Store, the place you know you get real stuff just like in any other country, at a price that is fair and just.